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Music Educator

Teaching Philosophy

The most important responsibility a teacher has is to prepare their students to thrive in a world filled with unexpected possibilities. Whether a seasoned professional, emerging artist, advanced student, or novice, Dr. Valente can assist you in reaching your potential as a musician and stage performer.

The pragmatic ideal is at the core of Dr. Valente's teaching; each student is evaluated and an individual program of study is created, focusing on the needs of the student. Technique by definition can be taught and regardless of genre, every student can improve and gain greater self-confidence through learning new skills. Dr. Valente creates a holistic environment in the studio, arming students with the tools they will need to excel and the understanding of how to use those tools; this allows students to transcend technique and be truly creative. A student is therefore prepared to succeed through attention to the details of preparation, research, and execution.

Dr. Valente is committed to performing locally and regionally, giving students the opportunity to observe the culmination of what they are taught in the studio and the classroom.

In addition to teaching a variety of traditional music courses including vocal pedagogy, applied voice, music theory, music history, diction for singers, and song literature, Dr. Valente is a successful instrumental and choral conductor and an experienced stage director and coach for opera and musical theater productions.

A life-long learner, Dr. Valente incorporates skills learned at conferences into her classroom teaching. Having participated in master classes, seminars and workshops, she continually seeks out opportunities to learn new skills, techniques and approaches to teaching, learning and performing.

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