Premieres and Commissioned Works

 Calvary Baptist Church   Friday Morning Music Club
Composers Concert Series
December 2016
 Washington, DC  Dr. Sharon Shafer
"Wedding Song"
 Formal Business Meeting Sigma Alpha Iota DC Alumnae Chapter September 2016
 Potomac, MD  Songs by Dr. Sharon Shafer
"Memory," "If I Could Tell You," "Crossing," "Ocean," and "Waiting to Inhale"
Calvary Baptist Church     Friday Morning Music Club
Composers Concert Series
February 2016
Washington, DC David Rubinstein
"That Music Always Round Me"
Old Town Hall  Bonita Lestina Concert Series  January 2016
Fairfax, VA F L Dunkin Wedd - US Premiere
My Lovely Day
She Wishes for Breast Implants
Woman's Club of Arlington US Premiere April 2015
Arlington, Virginia Joel Weiss
I Love Red Poppies
National Federation of Music  Clubs Annual Conference Musical Moment June 2014
Portland, Oregon F L Dunkin Wedd
Of Men and BussesJoel Weiss
"The Gleaner" from  I Love Red Poppies
The Catholic University of America An Afternoon of New Music, Visiting Artist Recital April 2013
Washington, DC Dr. Jason Lovelace
Forecast in Lydian
The Tuesday Music Club of Lakeland Celebrating Contemporary Music March 2013
Lakeland, Florida 15 Minutes of Fame - A project of Vox Novus
featuring 15 one-minute compositions written for Soprano/Pianist Dr. Liana Valente
College Music Society
Southeastern Conference
Composers Concert
with pianist Dr. Jason Lovelace
February 2011
Memphis, Tennessee Dr. Jason Lovelace
A Tale of Three Cyclones
Tuesday Music Club of Lakeland Annual Members Showcase
with pianist Dr. Rose Grace
January 2011
Lakeland, Florida William Vollinger
I'm So Sorry I'm Late
Tuesday Music Club of Lakeland Parade of American Music: Celebrating the Women in Our Lives
with pianist Christine Arens
November 2009
Lakeland, Florida Sponsored by the National Federation of Music Clubs
Christine Arens
Collage of Clicking Clichés
Texas A&M University Faculty Composer's Concert March 2009
College Station, Texas Marty Ragan
A Long Gay Book with pianist Andrea Imhoff and clarinetist Anna Carney
Three Poems by Tanikawa Shuntarô with pianist Andrea Imhoff
University of South Florida Resident Artist Series An Evening of Contemporary Song
with pianist Christine Arens
January 2009
Tampa, Florida Derek Healey
Five Edward Thomas Songs (High Key premiere)
Kirk O'Riordan
Bergstresser Songs (Second performance)
College Music Society
Super Regional
Southeastern Conference
Composers Concert I
with pianist Dr. Chan Kiat Lim
February 2008
Baton Rouge, Louisiana Dr. Timothy Brown
Dreams Deferred, Dreams Kept
Wesleyan College Three Generations of North American Women Composers
with pianist Dr. Richard Mercier
March 2005
Macon, Georgia Judy Ross
My Soul Cries Out (A Cycle of Reflective
Farragut Presbyterian Church An Evening of Song
with pianist Dr. Christy Lee Walters
May 2001
Farragut, Tennessee John Valerio
The Bells