Dr. Liana Valente, Soprano



Welcome to the home page of Dr. Liana Valente, music educator, performer, administrator and champion of modern music.

As a music educator, Dr. Valente is committed to the success and health of all of her students. Whether you are a high school student interested in starting private lessons, a collegiate undergrad or graduate student looking to hone your technical and dramatic skills, or a professional looking for that teacher who can help you to complete your package, Dr. Valente has the training, experience, and skills to assist you. Training is available in both the "Classical Style" (opera, operetta, song literature, and concert repertoire) and the "Broadway Style" (including "Belt").

An exciting performer on the stage and in the concert hall, Dr. Valente brings to life the music of Mozart, Rossini, Schubert and Barber while introducing audience members to the beauty and power of new works by exciting composers from around the world.

With a proven history as an arts administrator, conductor, and opera director, Dr. Valente has shepherded new programs in academia as well as in the community, creating opportunities for performers to learn the craft of performing.